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Serving North County San Diego

Located off South Mission Road in Fallbrook, CA, Spirit Mountain School’s Grades Program offers an alternative to public and parochial schools. Inspired by the Waldorf education system, our staff seeks to inspire and cultivate creativity and independent thought in our students.

Ms. Sarich and Spirit Mountain Student at Santa Lucia

Teaching the Whole Child

At Spirit Mountain School, we teach and nurture the whole child—not only the intellectual, rational side, but also the playful, spiritual and artistic sides we all share. By teaching to all aspects of childhood and development, we allow each child to grow at their own pace and according to their needs, while ensuring key elements for their age level are met.

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Growing Our Kids, Organically

We believe in growing kids organically. That is, grown with nature and at a pace that honors their childhood while acknowledging and working with their strengths and weaknesses. No two trees grow exactly the same way, nor do our children.

Welcome to Spirit Mountain School

Our intimate, nurturing school integrates academics with music, arts, drama, movement, and practical arts, in the tradition of Waldorf schools across the world.

We seek to understand each child deeply and to help each grow to their own unique potential. Families and teachers form a close community that works together to help children learn, play, grow, and thrive! We come together to celebrate learning and growth through assemblies, seasonal festivals, plays, and educational programs for adults as well as children.

Located in North Inland San Diego County, in the city of Fallbrook, our school offers mixed-age classrooms. As an independent private school, we are free from many of the regulations and bureaucratic processes that often hinder public schools.

We do not use state curriculum or testing, but entrust our dedicated faculty to design and implement curriculum utilizing their own understanding of Waldorf education and pedagogy and the students in their class. We support ourselves through affordable tuition, volunteer & fundraising efforts, and generous donations by our community at large.

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Our son loves Spirit Mountain School.

The small class size is important to us, and Miss Sarich’s flexibility and adaptation to his learning needs shows us that he’s well loved and taken care of.

Lola Pickett

Parent, Fallbrook, CA

Excited for the Upcoming School Year?

We certainly are and we welcome your questions hope to hear from you! Feel free to contact us at 760-542-8633 to learn more about our school and to set up a tour. Please sign up for our contact list below to stay updated.

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